Q: This is a cool idea, when did you buy this domain?

A: Well, I actually purchased this domain in November of 2004. I suppose there are people that publicly threw their hat in the ring for Obama before me, but... not many. I didn't know what I was going to do with it, I just knew that one day I was going to vote for Obama.

Q: Why did you choose the Make a Child Smile organization?

A: A few months after this picture was taken, the child was diagnosed with a potentially life threatening mandibular tumor. At that time, his parents were told that the prognosis is "uncertain" and that they should love him for as long as they can. The boy in this picture is me.

Now, I am extremely lucky, and aware of it. But other families are not so lucky, and I'd like to help them, as much as I can.

Q: Why Obama?
A: President Obama's plan to allow researchers to utilize stem cells for research will enable researchers in Stanford to work on the exact same kind of tumor I had, as well as possibly cure every type of cancer. If that was the -only- thing Obama did, he'd be an amazing president. I think he's just getting started. (And I'd really like to meet him.)

Q: Can I pay by check? I'm a little worried about using my credit card on the internet.

A: First, I totally understand. The internet is filled with stories of people using their credit card and having all kinds of trouble. That said, please know that PayPal is completely safe. I will never see your credit card information, as paypal handles that, along with 160,000 transactions a day (over $50 billion a year). But if you'd like, feel free to send a check to

I VOTED FOR OBAMA, Po box 140065, Gainesville, FL, 32614.

Q: Will I be able to find/read my name?
A: Grin, yes. It won't be microfiche. Your name will be in a very legible font, approximately 9pt, and we'll tell you where it is.


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